Welcome to our new website

As you may know, there have been some changes over the last few weeks at Stamps by Post HQ.  Nigel and Robin Bateman have taken a well-earned rest and handed over the reins to Mark and Anna Bateman as of the 6th of April.  We have been delighted to receive so many emails with best wishes for Robin and Nigel, and for us on our new venture, it is much appreciated.

As part of the recent changes, we’re excited to let you know about a refresh of the website. So, things might look a bit different, but ordering stamps has been designed to be easier and quicker, and you’ll still receive the same great service of same day despatch when ordering before 4pm on any working day.

On placing your first order, you will be asked to create a new account, which will enable you to login in for subsequent orders and order easily without the need to input details again unless they need updating. You’ll even be able to use our handy order again service for placing repeat orders in just a few clicks. Details of any historic orders will no longer be available on this website, but first and future orders will be accessible here in your new account.

As a thank you for your continued custom we would be delighted to send you an A3 wall chart with current stamp tariffs with your next order which includes, national and international tariffs and letter size guides. Just pop the coupon code ‘A3 wallchart’ in the coupon field in your shopping cart. There is also an A4 version which includes UK stamp tariffs only that you can download straight away here.

We hope you like the new website and find it more convenient when shopping. We welcome your feedback or comments, so please do not hesitate to get in touch on the details below.

Our very best wishes

Mark and Anna Bateman

A new era for Stamps By Post

There have been some exciting changes here at Stamps by Post (also known as Post Haste) that we would like to share with you.

As you may be aware, Stamps by Post is a family run business which has been offering our customers a first-class service for over 25 years. The business was started by Nigel and Robin Bateman, who are now looking forward to a well-deserved retirement and they are proud to be handing over to Mark and Anna Bateman who will be taking over the reins, but still providing the same great service.

We have been extremely busy behind the scenes. Coming soon is a new and fresh website and purchasing experience and we are relocating the head office.

Please see the new telephone number and address details below.

Don’t worry though, we will be having the post and telephone redirected for a short period of time so that it will still get to us whilst we all get used to the changes.  There’s a downloadable PDF with the details on, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our very best wishes

Mark and Anna Bateman

Please amend your records with our new contact details

Website: www.stampsbypost.com
Email: order@stampsbypost.com
Telephone: 0121 220 3534
Address: Stamps by Post, PO Box 18094, Birmingham, B13 3QS